MESS performance at Substation in Melbourne Festival

Last week the Synthposium team headed over to the Substation in Newport for fantastic performances by Robin Fox and Byron Scullin using the MESS synth collection and Scottish performer Robbie Thomson using the Tesla coil. The event was included in the Melbourne International Arts Festival – details on the event here.

Some photos from Robin Fox and Byron Scullin’s setup and performance. All synths are available for use at MESS so get yourself a membership!





One thought on “MESS performance at Substation in Melbourne Festival

  1. Claude Woodward Reply

    Hi everyone…….just heard the interview on RN. Wish I could be there but I’m on the other side of the continent. I do, however have some cool new inventions I’d like to share. One in particular – the Claude Controller – I believe is a way forward for the synth industry as it allows you to map EVERY parameter of the synth and effects in an ergonomic & easy to remember way (it’s all about the layout). It could also easily be adapted to send voltages as well as MIDI.
    Let me know what you think.

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